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Monday, September 15, 2008

What About Those Funky Beach Towels??

What About Those Funky Beach Towels?

Not the design, the smell . . .

Did you know that the perfect breeding ground for fungus can be your own washing machine? Experts say that while leaving the washer door open when not in use and decreasing the amount of detergent and fabric softeners, are good things to do, they won't get to the root of the problem ~ mold and mildew! So an appliance repairman developed an easy product, completely organic powder, called Smelly Washer.

They claim it works by disallowing cohesive properties between organic and synthetic compounds. Correcting this problem could help people who suffer from allergies and asthma. I'm not a scientist by any means, nor are any of my family members but my Mother always advised me to add white vinegar every so often to clean out my washer and it seemed to do okay with what I could see..... but then yet it's not quite possible to see everything, is it?

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