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Monday, September 15, 2008



Due to the expensive cost of heating and cooling the once popular vaulted ceilings is seeing its popularity fall. As if costs alone are not a major concern owners are also saying rooms can be drafty and reverberate noise. Cobwebs are hard to reach, painting requires long ladders, and washing the second-story windows can be a nightmare. Also, a growing amount of home buyers think high ceiling rooms is a waste of space.

So as most housing lots have shrunk in the past years most builders have built taller homes with an airy, light interior to give a perceived impression of more space. But a growing number of new home buyers think these soaring rooms is a waste of space and are opting for a more timeless form of architecture. More are looking for the maximum number of rooms and square footage for their money, so they are opting to have a loft, bedroom, or playroom built in the air space where the plans call for a double-height ceiling.

Meantime, due to the mortgage mess a lot of people can't afford to trade up, so some people who already own houses with the extra air space are seeking new uses for the air space. Because the walls and roof are already there filling such space is about half the cost of what an addition would cost. Typically all a contractor needs to add are joists, flooring, and doors.

According to the U.S. Census data expenditures on interior restructuring of homes rose about 40 percent to $13 billion from 2005 to 2007, which seem to affirm the trend. I guess that the new trend would be considered green, correct??

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