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Monday, September 15, 2008


I have used my last balloon!

Okay, I for one love seeing balloons, they make me feel happy and my heart lighter when I see them. I love the different colors they come in and they do get my attention. But I have used my last balloon, on real estate signage that is. So I am calling all Active Rainer's; I need your help! I need a replacement. What is a good replacement for balloons on real estate signage, or is there any??

After having several open houses in June I decided that I was not going to use balloons again. Why? Because when I would go back to pick up the signs most, if not all, balloons were popped, so then your wondering how long has it been that way; five minutes, ten minutes, or even one minute after I urned my back, got into the car, and drove off to my open house? Not to mention that while I am putting those out some would just get away from me... and we all know that this cannot be ECO friendly! So, please share your ideas and what you are using to get peoples attention on your open house signs, or maybe your open house signs are unique and creative.... PLEASE HELP ME!

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