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Monday, September 15, 2008

Green Your Litter

Green Your Litter

Did you know that an estimated 2 million tons of clay cat litter ends up in Landfills each year throughout the United States? According to TREEHUGGER.COM the clay used in cat litter is strip-mined and is a nonrenewable resource. They also claim that some clumping clay cat litters also contain crystalline silica, which is a known carcinogen. I don't know about you but I personally wouldn't want to add anything more in my home that is known as a carcinogen. I have new granite counter tops that I have to worry about now! But it really makes you wonder with all the cancers and other things our pets are getting these days. Surely, we wouldn't want to be using something that exposes them to an increased risk of having to suffer unnecessary illnesses and diseases.
I had no idea that some kitty litter has gone Eco-Friendly. Now there is biodegradable litter made from renewable plant resources such as pine, wheat, recycled newspaper, and corn. Biodegradable litter is flushable and has deodorizing properties, too. Here are a few on the market now, what their main ingredient is, and the places that carry them.

World's Best Cat Litter
Main Ingredient: non-food grade corn
Price: $8.29 for 7 lbs.

Swheat Scoop
Main Ingredient: non-food grade wheat
Price: $9.69 for 10 lbs.

Feline Pine
Main Ingredient: pine
Price: $45.99 for 7 lbs.

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